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Web Design and Development

So you think your business is too small or you sell products or services that can’t be sold online?

You still need a website so that your customers and potential customers can quickly and easily find out more about your business and the products or services you have to offer.

E-Solutionz can build a professional, responsive website for your business!

Research has shown that first impressions determines how long visitors stay on your website. Visitors who stay longer, are more likely to do business with you.

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Your business needs an online presence. Go through our questions and answers to see why.
Contact us today to start building your online presence!
According to recent statistics internet usage in South Africa is set to double by 2014 taking the total number of users over the 11 million mark. Having a website will expose your business to an ever increasing audience – even outside your local area.
  1. It is cheaper than traditional advertising and it stays online almost forever.
  2. You can use your website to interact with your customers or potential customers.
  3. It is a trend today where people will search online for a product or service.
  4. They are also more likely to compare products or services online before making the final decision.
  5. It reach customers that are outside of your local area.
  6. People can visit your website and do business with you without having to call you or visit your store personally.
  • Step 1: Your Business’ Image

    Our web designer will visit you personally to form a good impression of your business – what image does your business needs to emit and what audience you want to reach.

  • Step 2: Content and Features

    We discuss what content and features your website needs, to give visitors a worthwhile experience.

  • Step 3: Wireframes

    Our designer will present a wireframe to provide a good overview of the content and features that your website will contain.

  • Step 4: First Draft

    Our designer will present a first draft of your website and analyze it with you. If you want to change something, he will amend the draft.

  • Step 5: Acceptance

    If you are happy with the draft we start developing your website.

  • Step 6:    us NOW: +27 82 941 6567 or    us: admin@e-solutionz.co.za